About Us

AXIS is an end to end construction solution provider and a concern of Confidence Group, one of the most reputable conglomerates in Bangladesh involved in manufacturing innovative mid-tech engineering products. It is an amalgamation of the expertise and products of Confidence Steel Limited, Confidence Concrete and Engineering Limited and Confidence Electric Limited. It is a venture whose sole purpose is to provide a complete electro mechanical solution that saves time and money not just now but for the future as well.


To provide our clients with products and services that ensures the best value your money can buy. Serving innovation in building solutions that saves time and assures overall quality that will be maintained with after project services.


To bring about positive change in the nation and usher in the prosperity for an industrial revolution with innovative building solutions. While being the most respected brand with social and environmental consciousness that drives us to a sustainable future.


To be the engineer of change we are committed to upholding ourselves to the highest values. As such, AXIS fosters a corporate culture that promotes efficiency and sophistication through:

  • Leadership
  • Cooperation
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Innovation